Major Korean drugmakers to present at JP Morgan healthcare conference
Major Korean drugmakers to present at JP Morgan healthcare conference
  • Yang Young-goo
  • 승인 2020.01.10 08:46
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Hanmi, Celltrion among major players to participate
Biopharma firms such as ABL Bio, Alteogen also expected to join

Major domestic pharmaceutical firms are participating in the 38th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference that kicks off Monday, presenting their research and development (R&D) plans and global partnerships.

According to several sources, Hanmi Pharmaceuticals, Yuhan, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, and LG Chem are the major pharma firms participating in the conference this year.

An official from Hanmi Pharmaceutical presents at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference last yearPhoto credit: Hanmi
An official from Hanmi Pharmaceutical presents at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference last year
Photo credit: Hanmi

Industry insiders are keeping tabs on what Korean pharmaceutical firms will present at the JP Morgan healthcare conference.

Hanmi said it will present their R&D strategy and vision. The firm said that it would focus on clinical data of their R&D pipeline in the field of diabetes, obesity, cancer, immune disease, and rare disease, among others.

Daewoong said it would unveil the status of drugs under research and development, including its botulinum toxin Nabota, gastroesophageal reflux disease drug Fexuprazan, and PRS fibrosis drug DWN12088. The firm said it would also present data on HL036, a dry eye treatment drug jointly developed with Hanall Biopharma

JW Pharmaceutical will hold one-on-one meetings with global investors and discuss technical cooperation projects for innovative new drug pipelines such as its atopic dermatitis treatment JW1601 and gout treatment URC102.

JW will also unveil for the first time the status of atopic dermatitis treatment JW1601, as well as its strategy to expand its indications for the drug.

LG Chem said it would present the clinical status and plans for new drug candidates for metabolic and anti-cancer immune diseases.

Hugel will also announce the status of its current business as well as its future vision.

Yuhan said it is participating in the conference this year to explore additional open innovation opportunities, having completed technology exports of non-small cell lung cancer drug lazertinib.

Korean biopharmaceutical firms are also gearing up to participate in the conference.

Celltrion said it would unveil its business plans, biosimilar pipelines and marketing strategies this year.

New drug development biotech companies said it would also participate this year and actively seek and promote cooperation with global pharmaceutical companies.

ABL Bio plans to continue discussions with global pharmaceutical companies regarding the technology export of the new BBB shuttle technology antibody-drug ABL301.

Alteogen said it would discuss plans for the technology export of human hyaluronidase ALT-B4.

Tium Bio will discuss the possibility of a technology transfer for endometriosis TU2670 and immuno-cancer TU2218.

AptaBio said it would be open to discuss the drug candidates for brain disease called APX-New and diabetic neuropathy called APXX-115.

NIBEC and GtreeBNT announced it would hold partnership meetings with global pharmaceutical companies.

Meanwhile, Samsung Biologics has yet to announce whether it will participate in the conference this year.

“The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is an important event for domestic pharmaceutical bio companies to understand technology trends and market trends,” an industry official who declined to be named said.

“The data presented at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference will also determine the direction of domestic pharmaceutical bio companies,” he added.

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